Sawa Dee welcome to Real Thai Massage Brisbane we are based in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Queensland. We are a family run business and believe in providing value for money to our customers. Whatever service you select you can expect the highest quality service from our staff. Our friendly massage therapists are trained in traditional massage techniques from Thailand. 

        Your massage is performed in a very relaxing environment which adds to your experience. Our rooms utilise light relaxing fragrances, soft lighting, and high quality sterile equipment. Your massage should not only relax you physically, but recharge you mentally. At Real Thai Massage Brisbane the ambiance helps to create a sense of unity, completeness and stability. Your
massage will realign your body, mind and soul.

      Thai massage is not only a body massage, but a system, which has been developed in Thailand and now practised worldwide. This unique system is a series of stretches which has been influenced by traditional medicine from India, China and further developed in
Thailand. This traditional Thai massage is usually performed without oils or other assisting substances. There are some instances where special Thai Oils and Herbs can be used to assist in the massage. Thai massage is a luxury, which we want you to experience and enjoy to the fullest.

     Thai massage consists of body stretching and using gentle pressures on the arms, legs, hands and feet. This pressure helps in adjusting the body structure of bones and muscles of the client and increases flexibility. Any muscular and joint pains are relieved and
blood flow is increased, the whole body is revitalised. Thai massage is a combination of ancient forms of exercises and massages which includes Shiatsu, Yoga and Acupuncture. 

      We offer a range of massage  at Real Thai Massage Brisbane. Our Services include Full Body Oil and Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai, Aromatherapy and Body Scrub with massage.

Welcome to Real Thai Massage Brisbane